KaspenJVM is 20 years old. Or 20 years young. So… happy birthday to us! Check out what we've been up to all this time.

This is our DNA This is our DNA This is our DNA
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Budějovický Budvar

Idea Driven

Budweiser Budvar has always needed and expected big ideas. And we constantly delivered them. No matter what kind of beer, no matter the hangover.


Problem solvers

In our uncertain times, people just don’t want to change their jobs. That’s a huge problem for jobs.cz. And solving problems is our favourite job.


Agile and Effective

How can you turn a small niche brand into a number one seller? By being fast, effective and having buckets of -18 degree chilled enthusiasm!


Trusted Partners

We've had a framgångsrikt (fruitful) partnership for 10 years and counting with our Swedish friend IKEA. Helping them spread a bit of their unique approach to homes all across our region.


Doers, not talkers

We prefer to let our work do all the talking. In this case for Kooperativa, we take it literally in a project that talks to drivers who just won’t listen.

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