We are: Agile and Effective

How can you turn a small niche brand into a number one seller? By being fast, effective and having buckets of -18 degree chilled enthusiasm!

Context 01

A German digestive for hunters in the the Czech Republic?

In 2014 Jägermeister was an underground brand with a great edgy image.

Thanks to being the favourite of underground parties, Jäger was loved by the coolest of the cool, young party hard audience.

Interesting hunters indeed.

Problem 02

Small audience means small sales.
So, Jäger needed to become more commercial.
Without the budget to do it.
Without losing its edge.
And keeping that original hunting spirit.
So, they came to us.

Solution 03

“Never stop hunting.”

Over the next 5 years we found young fringe talents.

Solution 03

Talents full of energy, who were hunting to take their projects to the next level.

Together with these young artists, musicians and designers we developed and collaborated on many different projects.

Solution 03

Small on budget, but high on agility and enthusiasm.

Reaching to a wider audience whilst staying close to the edge.

Film 04

Be it funky personal films, designers of all kinds teaching their followers, old vs young skate offs, street murals, art and music projects. These “Never stop hunting” heroes took themselves and Jäger to the next level.

Here’s just a couple of examples…

Jaegermeister - Tattoo and Habanec

Tattoo and Habanec vs Pelikan

2 films. The first from our tattoo artist influencer who lives to ink and inks to live. The second is a skate off with one of the original Czech skate gods from the 80s vs today’s skating legend.

Jaegermeister - 00's Heroes

00s to heroes

A project reaching 20 years back to use edgy Jäger fans of the 2000s. 
We showed what made them great to inspire the hunters of today.

Results 06

Jäger became an ALMOST mainstream brand as their sales grew dramatically.

In fact, now it’s the number one imported spirit.

Yet, it’s still edgy. Go to a 20 something party and see for yourself.

If they let you in.

Jaeger is the meister