We are: Doers, not talkers

We prefer to let our work do all the talking. In this case for Kooperativa, we take it literally in a project that talks to drivers who just won’t listen.

Context 01

Kooperativa is one of the biggest life insurers on the Czech market.

They wanted to help solve a huge problem, namely car drivers becoming a train sandwich by ignoring railways crossings.

Kooperativa - context

Problem 02

The client wanted to have billboards in front of railway crossings.

But first, they would have to teach drivers who are that ignorant how to read.

So, we found a better way.

Solution 03

We created a media from the only thing drivers always pay attention to. In cooperation with Garmin, we’ve programmed their navigation systems.

Maybe now drivers would listen.

Results 04

42,000 Garmin systems were sold with our extra warnings. With downloadable updates.

Importantly, that year there were fewer railway crossing accidents.

We hope our project helped, or maybe those barrier skipping drivers finally grew a brain.

We can’t take credit for that.

Drive safe!