We are: Idea Driven

Budweiser Budvar has always needed and expected big ideas. And we constantly delivered them. No matter what kind of beer, no matter the hangover.

Context 01

Budweiser Budvar is one of the most premium brands in the Czech Republic and the number one exported Czech beer. Importantly, it's a beer Czechs are very proud of. Even if not many of them drink it.

Problem 02

Budvar is the last major brewery in Czech hands. Unfortunately, that means we don't have the marketing budget or the distribution power of our internationally owned competitors.

Solution 03

However, being independent gives us a chance to talk with our own unique voice, to stand out from our multinational competitors through great ideas.

Ideas Ideas Ideas 04

Over the last 20 years, Budvar consistently demanded strong ideas and also knew how to choose the best ones. This lasting partnership resulted in some of our best work, bringing us many local and international awards and the title “Czech client of the year” 3 times.

Cheers to you, Budvar.

A few favourites 04

Choosing our favourites wasn't easy.

So, we had a beer or 3 and spun the empty bottle.

NO makes us what we are.

In 2012, when every brewery was saying "yes" to their foreign corporate owners, we relaunched Budvar by Saying NO!

Budvar Black

Budvar Black

A product competing against many other dark beers. How could we find a unique area no one already owned?

Budvar - No to pubs

Say yes to your pub.

Pubs tap far better beer than what people have in their home fridges, but why don't people come anymore? We wanted to help get patrons back to their favourite pub. Not just to Budvar ones, but to all GOOD Czech pubs.

Budvar 33 gifs

33 gifs

Keeping up with the microbrewery trend, Budweiser Budvar wanted to brew more experimental microbrewery-style beers. 33 was their answer, a completely very different style of Budvar beer being their first ever experimentally brewed bitter Beer. So, let's have an idea just as different to launch it.

Cheers to ideas!