We are: Problem solvers

In our uncertain times, people just don’t want to change their jobs. That’s a huge problem for jobs.cz. And solving problems is our favourite job.

Context 01

Unless you’ve spent the last three years on a home office in Bali, you know that there is something seriously wrong with the Czech job market.

Despite the record number of vacancies, people just stay put in their current jobs, scared to make the wrong move.

Jobs.cz - context

Problem 02

As the number 1 job portal for ambitious go-getters, jobs.cz needed to change people’s attitude. How could we get people to start considering a move?

Jobs.cz - problem

Solution 03

We challenged our ambitious target group with one word:


Jobs.cz - good

Solution 03

Right now, it’s a job hunters market for them “A good job, shouldn’t be good enough.”

Jobs.cz - shouldn't be

Solution 03

When with jobs.cz it could be great!

With us so far?


Jobs.cz - good enough

Film 04

In todays language and with typical Czech humour, “good” is commonly used sarcastically.

Meaning “nothing special”, end of conversation.

So, when we say “a good job”, it really means, just OK job.

Targeting 05

Our simple message provoked potential job hunters on their way to work, around major business centres, through targeted online and sponsorship of their favourite TV programs.

The campaign ran just before the periods when people usually contemplate changing jobs, giving them enough time to think about this big decision.

Results 06

Reversing the declining trend, we increased the number of visits to the jobs.cz site by almost 10% compared to the same time in 2021.

More importantly 168,602 of them were new users, 69% over the client’s target.

Despite a much lower media budget, brand awareness among our target group grew to 40%, the highest since 2018.

Oh, and a silver Effie…

Good, or great?


web traffic increase

168 602

new users


over the client’s target


brand awareness increases

Don't have a good day. Have a great day!