We are: Trusted Partners

We've had a framgångsrikt (fruitful) partnership for 10 years and counting with our Swedish friend IKEA. Helping them spread a bit of their unique approach to homes all across our region.

For the last 10 years, we’ve been truly at home with IKEA. Here's a little showreel for a peek inside.

Context 01

Swedishly Swedish IKEA has been in our region since the early 90's.

But the creative work had always come out of Sweden.

Ikea - context

Problem 02

In 2012, IKEA decided to become a touch more local.

So, their regional brief to us was simple: keep everything Swedishly IKEA, but make it a touch more Czech, Slovak and Hungarian-ish.

Ikea - problem definition

Solution 03

For 10 years now, together with IKEA, we’ve been diving deep deep deep into our cultures for local insights and everyday issues, all backed up with extensive research.

All this in an effort to make every project, from furniture to food, from Björksta to Skärhamn, from sustainability to second-life furniture a bit more local.

And to make our local homes a little more IKEA.

You saw the showreel, here’s just a couple of projects.

Ikea - Catalogue


Every year we launched the famous IKEA catalogue. Here are 3 of our favourites.

Ikea - Dinners

Event (dinners)

IKEA Food was the subject of 2016. So, how could we make their legendary meatballs more local? We needed a local insight that touched peoples hearts and tastebuds.

Smaller (students)

IKEA always shows a real understanding of our lives at home.

Students are a prime example.

With a circumstance driven approach to furniture specially for them.

And yes, we could probably put a flat pack together with our eyes shut.